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Terms & Conditions of Anek Lines

Transportation Terms
Passengers, their luggage and vehicles are transported pursuant to:
a) Athens Convention relating to the carriage of Passengers and their Luggage by sea, 1974 and its protocols of 1976.
b) The Brussels International Convention of 1924 and its protocols of 1968 and 1979.
c) The Greek Private Shipping Law.
d) ANEK LINES general terms of transport.
The above terms include exceptions and limitations in regards to the carrier's liability in the event of death, illness or injury, or vehicle and luggage damage or loss, or delay or change of route.
Particularly, the Athens Convention pertains to the carrier's liability limits with regards to death, illness or injury, loss or damage to luggage or vehicles, as well as loss or damage to valuables.

Ticket Reservations
Pursuant to EU Directive 98/41, the Presidential Decree 2399 of the Greek State and the Solas International Directive, in order to make a reservation the following details should be notified to the company:
a) For EU nationals passengers: - Surname-First Name-Sex-Age description (Adult-childbaby)
– Contact phone number
- Vehicle type-Registration number
b) For non EU nationals passengers, the following details are also required:
- Nationality
- Passport number Tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue.

Changes- Cancellations
Tickets may be cancelled or changed at the competent port offices and head ticket offices of ANEK LINES. For cancellations the following percentage of the fare is refunded (depending on the time of the cancellation prior to the departure):
Up to 30 days before : 100% of the fare
Up to 7 days before : 80% of the fare
Up to 24 hours before : 50% of the fare
24 hours before departure or in the event that the passenger does not show up on boarding, ANEK LINES is under no obligation to issue a refund. Refunds are issued only by the issuing ticket office upon the company's approval.

Ticket Loss
In the event of ticket loss:
a) The issuing ticket office or ANEK LINES should be immediately notified.
b) The passenger bears the cost of the new ticket.
The ticket loss is refunded only by the issuing ticket office, three months after the departure date, following verification that the relative ticket has not been used..

Open Tickets
Open tickets are valid for one year from the date of issue. The return fare is at all times calculated based on the low season fare. In the event that the passenger wishes to travel (return) in the middle or high season, he/she must purchase a supplement ticket covering the difference in cost. In case that the current ticket prices are modified during the validity period of the open ticket, passengers have to pay the difference in price. Passengers with open tickets must make their reservation in due time, otherwise the company shall not be held liable if a specific class seat requested is not available. Owners of unused open tickets are entitled to fare refund only by the issuing ticket office and not from any other office. In case a passenger will change the state of an already purchased ticket to open and never use this ticket, cancellation fees are applied (see details under the Changes-Cancellations section).

Timetable Fares
Stated as arrival time is the time of the ship's approach to the port entrance. In regards to any delays due to third parties' liabilities or special weather conditions, the company shall not be held liable. Maritime transportation as well as all harbour fees are included in fare prices. Meals and drinks are not included in fare prices. ANEK LINES reserves the right to modify its timetable or fare prices with no prior notification.

Special discounts-offers are not cumulative. The return tickets discount (30%) is applicable only when issuing the return ticket at the same time. Passengers should state any special discount they are entitled to prior to the ticket issue.
After the voyage, no fare may be refunded. Groups, coaches and non-accompanied vehicles are subject to negotiable prices.

Children up to 4 years old travel free of charge, yet, without being entitled to a bed, and a respective reservation and zero price ticket issue are required. Children up to 4 years old with a bed are entitled to 50% discount. Children that are 4-12 years old are entitled to 50% discount in all classes. Children that travel with cabin reservations should be escorted by an adult paying the full fare.

Single-use Cabins
In the event of a 2-bed cabin reserved for single, exclusive use, there is a 50% surcharge for the second bed.

Passengers with Disabilities
Our vessels include specially designed cabins for passengers with disabilities and offer easy access to the ship’s public areas (Bars, Restaurants, Lounge etc). It is important that reservations are made on time, due to the limited number of these cabins.

Check-in Procedure
Boarding starts 3 hours prior to departure. Due to our comply with the ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) security regulations, all passengers are kindly required to proceed to the embarkation area, at least 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. After this time limit, ANEK LINES reserves the right to cancel the reservation with no fare refund. All passengers should be able to present all valid travel documents required. The company reserves the right not to allow boarding in the event of a passenger not having the travel documents required. In case a passenger is denied entrance into a foreign country, he/she is charged with the return ticket fare. If a passenger is fined by the Port Authorities due to invalid documents, he/she is solely responsible for the payment. In case a passenger wishes to disembark prior to the ship's departure or at a port other than his/her stated destination, then he/she is obliged to inform the ship’s Purser’s Office and upon leaving the ship to take all of his/her travelling belongings as well. In case of vehicles of all kind, please mind that there is the possibility of being unable to remove them from the ship’s garage due to their pre-arranged parking positions.

Pets travel free of charge, in specially designated areas, or on a lead in case of moving. Owners have to accompany each one of their pets with a recently updated health book. Animal presence in cabins, restaurants and bars as well as in all internal community areas of the ships, is strictly prohibited.
Passengers are obliged to take full responsibility care and safety of their pets, to comply with the regulations concerning animal care on board and they solely responsible for any possible harm or damage by their animals to any third party. Detailed regulations can be obtained at ANEK LINES Offices and the website of ANEK LINES.

Luggage may remain in the car during the trip, as passengers are kindly requested to carry with them only necessary items. ANEK LINES shall not be liable on the of loss of money or valuables forgotten in the cabin, ship's common areas or the vehicles. Please report loss at the ship's Reception Desk or the Passenger Department of ANEK LINES.

Passengers may store their valuables at the ship’s Office for safe-keeping, provided that the total under 500€.

Hazardous Materials
Carriage of guns, cartridges, explosive, flammable, combustible and in general hazardous material is strictly prohibited.

Credit Cards
All major credit cards (AMERICAN EXPRESS, VISA, MASTERCARD) are accepted at the shops and the restaurants on board. CURRENCY USED ON BOARD: € (Euro).

Camping on board
Camping on board is available from April 1st October 31st. Those who travel by caravan or camper check in at least 2.5 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. Delayed arrival of a camper may hinder boarding open deck. Passengers in Campers may use the public areas of the ships (Bars, Restaurants, Lounges Electricity for the Campers is provided free of charge. safety reasons, passengers are strictly prohibited to liquid gas or any other type of fuel during the voyage.

Coach Service
For the passengers' convenience (with no vehicle), coach service from and to Athens, Piraeus and available.
The service is provided with charge. For information, reservations and tickets issue, please contact:
a) From Patras to Athens (Piraeus): The ship's reception accounts department
b) From Athens (Piraeus) to Patras:
- 48, Amalias Avenue, Syntagma, Tel.: +30-210
- 22, Akti Kondili Str., Piraeus, Tel.: +30-210 4197430

Useful Information
Each cabin may be used as 2-bed, 3-bed or 4- depending on the number of passengers that use it, number of beds existing. Passengers may use public areas of the ships (Bars, Restaurants, Lounges).
Sleeping or eating in the lounges or in the corridors prohibited. Passengers should comply with the staff's instructions in regards to the observance of safety rules ship's good operation. In the event of a dispute from the conditions of carriage, it shall be resolved according to the Greek Law and the competent shall be the Court of Chania, Crete.



• For trips with different carriers, please make separate reservations for each route
• Select multileg for combination of 4 international - domestic routes in the same reservation
Max number of passengers 6:
Please select the exact number of passengers, including children / infants
Max number of vehicles 2:
Please submit the exact number of vehicles, including the baggage & boat trailers.

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  • Camping All Inclusive
Accommodation in inside Cabin & 30% discount on meals at price of deck & camper/caravan . Valid all year round with Minoan Lines
  • Camping On Board
Accommodation inside your camper/caravan Valid: April – October with Anek – Superfast
  • Camper Special
Accommodation in inside Cabin at price of deck & camper/caravan . Valid November-March with Anek – Superfast
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